Walter fuller dog park

Walter Fuller Dog Park St. Petersburg

Walter Fuller dog park is the ideal location for a picnic with your dog and company! With gorgeous giant trees all around or beneath the covered picnic area, there’s plenty of shade.

There’s also a lovely lake with wildlife on both sides of the lake. The Walter fuller dog park provides your canine companion with plenty of space to run around and play with other dogs.

Family picnicking, young children playing on the playground, and a plethora of pets contribute to this neighborhood’s pleasant and calm atmosphere.

Include are baseball and soccer fields and tennis and pickleball courts, which are in excellent condition. Also at the park are shaded benches where you can chill out and take in the beauty of the landscapes.

You’ll also notice that there is a plethora of beautiful flora throughout the area. The dog park has large oak trees and aquatic plant life, which makes it visually pleasing.

Walter fuller dog park

Additionally, wildlife is abundant around the lake and park. As a precaution, always keep your dog on a leash while near the lake. Because, as you may know, alligators can be found in any body of water.

Two Sections Of Walther Fuller Dog Park

The dog park has two sections. There is a section for small dogs and another for large dogs. The areas are nice because you don’t want your small dog to get harmed trying to keep up with larger breeds. Both sections are gated, so your dog can’t easily escape.

It is always best to stay close to your dog if an unthoughtful dog owner accidentally leaves the gate open. The ground has grass, sand, and mulch, and this is nice because different dogs find comfort on various ground types.

Dogs can become overheated in our Florida heat, so the park supplies water for your pets to keep them hydrated and safe from our searing heat. You are requested to clean up after your pet, and picking up your dog’s poop and disposing of it is the law and the right thing to do.

My visit to the park was a pleasant experience, and I spoke with other dog owners and met some incredible pit bulls. Walter Fuller Park is a great place to visit if you enjoy being in the great outdoors with your dog.

Walter fuller dog park




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