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We love our dogs like they were our own children. Their expressions and the look in their eyes just melts our heart. Often they are your children’s best friends. Helping to teach them about life and responsibilities.

Your dog is a great companion if you live alone or have recently lost someone in your life. Additionally, they are great protectors and security alarms when you are away or home alone at night.

Pooper Scooping Problems Piling Up

But if there is one thing we all don’t enjoy doing is cleaning up their poop. Two, three, or four times a day, they are making poop deposits throughout your property. Let a week go by without pooper scooping, and you’ll notice the pile-up on a major highway during a Friday rush hour.¬† Yes, it becomes an eyesore and stick-up your backyard. Even worse is when you have a family of friends over, and you tell them to watch out for poop landmines while outside.

No harm in that, you say?

Hidden Danger In Dog Poop

Well hold on, here’s why it is so important to clean up after your dog’s poop? Poop Scooping is a growing problem across the united states. The Los Angeles Times report estimated that 40% of pet owners do not pick up after their dog does its business.

All animal feces impact our environment and waters. If you fail to do your own pooper scooping, it gets washed away into storm drains during heavy rains. This waste and other debris from sidewalks and mowings leach into Tampa Bay waters.

As a result of not pooper scooping, this waste makes its way into lakes, streams, ponds, and other water supplies. Water becomes polluted, which puts a damper on swimming, fishing, and aquatic marine life. This is not good in any way, shape, or form.

Venetian Island Pooper Scooper Laws

And get this.

It is now a law to pick your pet after a walk. Often referred to as pooper scooper law. It dishes out significant fines if you are found neglecting to pick up after your pet. Let’s face it, picking up dog poop is not the most fun chore you could be doing. As we just explained above, the environmental damage and embarrassment of being fined are much worse than using a pooper scooper service.

And think about this.

Your home will also stay cleaner and odor-free because you are less likely to land in a poop landmine and then track it into your home.

Venetian Island Pooper Scooper Safety

My name is Steve Habib. We scoop dog poop is the name of our business. Our website is We take our work seriously. And treat all clients like our closest friends and beloved family members. As a client, we will work our tails off to give you the best service we are capable of.

Additionally, your dog’s safety is a top priority. We do this being absolutely sure all fences are shut and gates locked and closed. We also keep an eye out for unhealthy stools and potential escapes your dog may have been working on.

My Two Rescue Dogs

And Your Furry Friends

That’s not all.

Your pets get the same love and attention we give our own two dogs with a gentle hand and loving touch. I have two rescues dogs of my own, and I love them to pieces. Quite frankly, I look forward to meeting your dogs. Regularly. We aim to make your life easier, more enjoyable, and give you back time with family and friends or fun.

If you’d like to test-drive our services, here’s what we have for you. Free 20 minutes of poop scoop service. No strings attached. No funny business.
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More about the dangers of dog waste is below: