Introducing The Toy Pick-up service                                                                                                                                toy pick up

How To Get Your Dogs

Toy And Bones Pick-Up Outside

Without Lifting A Finger

Are you tired of your dog leaving his toys, bones, and occasional shoe scattered around the yard?

Have you ever had to chase them down and pick them up after a long day of work?

When it comes time to mow the yard, do stop first to retrieve his toys and bones, so you don’t mow over them?

If so, you’re not alone. This is common for us dog owners, and it’s kind of a way of life living with dogs. You spend money to make them happy, and they destroy it in days, often even sooner.

So, I got this crazy idea after mowing over countless toys and lost bones in my own backyard. After talking with other dog owners about this problem, I realized there is a need for …

Toy Pick-up Service

We free up your time and take this chore off your hands. Here is how We Scoop Dog Poop Toy Pick-up Service helps keep your yard toy free. 

We will come to your home, find, pick it up, and put it somewhere safe. Or, if it is chewed up and destroyed and you give us the okay, we can toss it in the trash. It’s your call.

Not only that but you decide how many times a week you have visited. And you can use our toy pick-up service by itself or as an add-on to our dog waste removal service.

This can save you money on replacing the bone or toys. Plus, it makes life easier if you have a mowing service visit weekly.

So how much does this toy pick-up service cost? An average-sized your is just $5 per visit and $10 for larger yards with multiple yards.

I’m sure you’ll agree this is reasonable to keep your landscape as clean as possible. Not only that, but the money you spend on his toys and bones can last as long as possible, thereby saving you a few dollars.

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