Shore Acres Dog Poop Service Near Me


Shore Acres Dog Poop Service

Pooper Scooper Service is now available to homeowners and apartments in the Shore Acres area. Here are facts about dog waste. About 40% of dog owners do not pick up their dog’s feces.

As a result, our groundwater supplies are becoming tainted with dog waste, damaging lawns, and spreading disease far and wide.

Dog feces can cause a pose a serious health hazard, including… Salmonella, tapeworms, and ringworm. The coliform bacteria can cause diarrhea, serious over 20 million coliform bacteria. Kidney disorders, and intestinal disorders. 

Dog waste finds its way into lakes, ponds, and other waterways. As the waste breaks down, it can increase the water temperature, leading to killing some


Here are some benefits of using our Shore Acres dog poop service

  • Free up your time so you can play more with your dogs and enjoy family time
  • Less cleaning the home and more freedom to enjoy hobbies and time with friends
  • Help elderly parents and physically challenged people to enjoy the outdoors
  • Keep your home cleaner by slashing down foot traffic accidents.
  • Reduce parasites transmitted to humans through dog poop.
  • Maintain a healthier, greener lawn. Dog poop is not a good fertilizer.
  • Keep waterways and their wildlife safe from becoming polluted and unsanitary.
  • Free up time for the busy executive, entrepreneur, or busy mothers


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There are about 77 million dogs in the United States alone. They generated about 21.1 billion tons of waste a year. This is not a good garden compost, but an environmental hazard. A pooper scooper service in Saint Petersburg can reduce the number of dog feces making it into our waterways, transmitting harmful diseases, and… contributing to groundwater pollution.



A clean yard for you and your family can enjoy without the worry of stepping in a poop landmine. Not only that, your home will stay cleaner since the dog or children won’t be tracking in Poopy paws or feet.

Plus, If you are recovering from surgery, are elderly, or are disgusted with the thought of picking up your dogs poo. Lets face it, an unexpected injury can leave you helpless and tired. So, why not use a Shore Acres dog poop service?

Shore Acres Dog Poop Service

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There will be less tension arguing with family on whose turn it is to pick up after they do their business. It causes problems for landscapers, service technicians, and other guests who come to your home.

A pooper scooper service in Saint Petersburg can free up your time, keep your yard beautiful, and make it a safe place to enjoy playtime and friendly get-togethers.