Sawgrass Lake Park Dog Park





Sawgrass Lake Park Dog Walk


Sawgrass Lake Park is a beautiful place to walk your dog and hang out. This park is an excellent place for a scenic walk with your dog. This park is pleasing to the eye and a favorite for locals and tourists. It’s a perfect place for a dog walk and to enjoy real Florida nature and wildlife. The best part is it is free.

This is a spacious park with plenty of space to walk your dog. Please keep your dog on its leash for the safety of your pet from wildlife and other dogs. If you visit for a walk, bring a bag, gloves, or a pooper scooper to pick up dogs waste. Would you mind picking up dog poop left behind from your dog?

Sawgrass Lake Park

A Dog Walk favorite


This is a favorite among residents within driving distance of the park. It offers wildlife and breathtaking beauty to those needing a break from the urban lifestyle and heavy traffic.

The park consists of natural wetlands, wildlife, and plant and trees. The park acts as a giant sponge for floodwaters. The floodwaters then supply the natural wetlands, which help the plant life and animals call home. Would you please do your part to keep litter from finding its way into its waters?                                                                                                 

Sawgrass Lake Park Dog Walk
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Sawgrass Lake Park is a beautiful place where you can walk your dog and take in the park’s beauty. Sawgrass park has plenty of shade trees for your dog to lay down under and cool off.

Barbecues, Tables, and Restrooms


It has a shelter with picnic tables and a barbecue grill for an afternoon cookout. It has a water spigot so you can keep your dog hydrated. There are plenty of shade trees where your dog can cool down.  

There is no food or drinks sold at the location because they don’t want people leaving their trash behind or tossing it in the water. The park also has a lovely boardwalk to take a walk on. It is also important to know that dogs or bicycles are not allowed on the boardwalk.

Sawgrass Lake Park is worth the visit If you have a few hours to spare. It is also a fantastic dog park and walk the whole family will enjoy.

Located at 7400 25th Street N Saint Petersburg, Florida 33781

Petersburg Florida 33781