1. Dog – $18.00 (per visit)

2.Dogs-$23.00 (per visit)

3.Dogs-$28.00 (per visit)


1 Dog – $24.00 (per visit)
2 Dogs – $28.00 (per visit)

3 Dogs – $32.00 (per visit)


1 Dog – $32(per visit)

2 Dogs – $38 (per visit)

3 Dogs – $42 (Per Visit)


Contact for a free quote https://wescoopdogpoop.org/contact-us/

These pooper scooper costs are for average-sized yards. All quotes come in writing so you know exactly how much you are paying.
Larger yards are subject to increase pricing.
Here is a lower cost for our pooper scooper serviceshttps://wescoopdogpoop.org/low-cost-bucket-service/

Boost Your Curb Appeal With A

One time Pooper Scooper Service

One Time Scoop

If you have never used a pooper scooper service or it is long overdue, you will require an initial one-time cleanup. This service is ideal for new home buyers,  realtors wanting to get the property into selling condition, or landlords wanting to make a great first impression on potential tenets.

We will visit your property, clean up the poop and leave your property in tip-top shape. Now, you may be asking why this is not part of our regular service pricing. Simply put, it often takes an hour or more to remove the accumulated dog waste.  5, 10, 15 bags or more of waste are often removed from an average-sized property. We will haul away the waste we scoop up and dispose of it responsibly.

Not only do get a thorough waste cleaning, but you also get free of charge a deodorize the front and backyard. The result for you is a clean, fresh-smelling property that impresses all who visit.

Your investment starts at $59


An Economical

Dog Poop Removal Service

Bucket Service:

If you are interested in lower-cost options for our poop scooping service, you may want to use our bucket service.

Here’s what it’s all about.

We will come to your home and provide you with one or two disinfected 5-gallon buckets with lids. Then you get the buckets lined with earth-friendly biodegradable bags.

You then scoop up your dog’s poop and place it in the buckets. Then, we stop by your property once a week and remove the waste from the buckets and your property.

We then spray the bucket down with disinfectant and line the buckets with fresh, clean bags.

Cost: $10