7 Reasons Why To Use Pooper scooper bucket service

Pooper scooper bucket service. Many dog owners have never heard of a dog poop removal service. Even fewer have ever come across the service referred to as bucket services. In this short post, I will explain what a bucket service is and how it may help improve your landscape’s appearance and odors.

What Is This Service About?


A dog waste bucket service is where a bucket and lid are provided for the homeowner or dog park manager.  Instead of a full scooper service, we will supply you with a bucket and snap-tight lid. Also included is a bio-degradable plastic bag to line the bucket.

We will deliver a disinfected bucket to your home and line it with our special bags. Then when your dog leaves a poop landmine you use your own pooper scooper method and place the waste in the bucket provided.  And that’s it.

We then will come by your home on your preferred day and remove the bag from your property. While we are there we will clean and disinfect the bucket and replace it with a fresh, clean bag. We then return on your desired day to dispose of the dog poop.


A pooper scooper bucket service helps you…

  • Save money while keeping your backyard clean and odor-free.
  • Keeps your yard from poop landmines accumulating until your yard is out of control.
  • Walk through your backyard any day of the week with landing on a poop pile.
  • Keep odors down to a minimum and keep your neighbors on good terms and off your back.
  • Impress your personal guests, the lawn service, and other servicemen who enter your yard.
  • Keep your lawn healthy, and green. Dog poop harms the health of lawns.
  • Prevent your dog from accidentally stepping in and tracking dirty paws into your home.


The investment in our pooper scooper bucket service costs $10.

You may pay with credit cards through Paypal here: https://wescoopdogpoop.org/check-out-payments/ 

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