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Pooper Scooper Service Crossroads Residents

Crossroads pooper scooper service. If you’d like to have all the poop landmines in your backyard picked up and removed without risking a penny from your pocket, then this may be the most important message you’ll ever read.

Here’s why.

Dog poop piles can take away the joy of being outside. It is an eyesore and a bit embarrassing to family and friends who visit. And what about the kids running around and playing outside. Surely, you’ve witnessed more than one accident in your lifetime.

The same goes for your dog stepping in its own poop and tracking into your beautiful home. A home you took pride in and worked hard to achieve and keep clean.

Dog Waste & its impact on the environment.

Listen to this. Dog waste is known as a non-point source pollutant. In the ’90s, the EPA Environmental Protection Agency claimed dog poop as an environmental pollutant. It is in the same class of harmful substances as motor vehicle chemicals, pesticides, oils, grease, herbicides, and insecticides. When it rains, or the snow melts, it picks up these harmful chemicals and washes them into sewer systems.

The importance of poop scooper service

These pollutants then end up in waterways, including ponds, streams, and other bodies of water. At this point, they stimulate the growth of weeds and algae. As a result, the water then begins to turn murky green and foul-smelling. These pathogens make swimming, boating, and fishing less than ideal and can make people sick.

The EPA estimates just three days of unpicked-up poop from 100 dogs can contain enough bacteria and pathogens to put a freeze on swimming and shellfishing within 20 miles. With that said, on average, a dog deposits ¾ of a pound of poop each day. After a full year, you’re looking at 10 million tons of poop.

Poop Scooper Service Crossroads Area

Responsible dog ownership is more than feeding them, giving them fresh water, and healthcare. It is my opinion you need to be responsible to your fellow man. And how do you do that, you ask?

Start picking up their waste while out on walks and in your backyard. And making use of a poop scoop service Now I understand this is not a chore on top of your list of things to do. And that’s okay. That is where we scoop dog poop comes in. We can come to your home and pick up all the dog waste in your yard and properly dispose of it.

100% Risk-Free Guarantee

We service the crossroads area of St. Petersburg. And we give the best guarantee in our industry. If you are unhappy with our service visit for any reason, you pay zero. Plus, I give you $5 from our pocket as a way of saying thanks for giving us a try.

Maybe you are wondering if we can do our job while you not home. The answer is yes. However, if your dogs are kept outside or are aggressive or territorial, we require you to be home. Or keep them locked inside your home.

Once we’re at your home will give you the most thorough cleaning we are capable of. Not only that, but we treat your dogs with a gentle hand and loving touch. I own two rescue dogs of my own and love them like they were my children. Your dogs get the same treatment as I do with my own dogs.

Going Beyond Pooper Scooper Service

If I notice anything out of the ordinary, I let you know. This includes loose stools, holes under fences, and other dangers I may come across. Right now, I am offering a free 20-minute service visit.

This is not an estimate, but an actual twenty minutes of my dog pooper scooper service. Why give away my services Free? If you are happy with my work, You may return as a paying customer at some time. And I’m in the process of collecting before and after photos of my work for my website and other marketing materials.

Crossroads area residents click the like below to claim your free 20 minutes of Pooper Scooper Service. There are no strings attached. And no upsells. In fact, I won’t even bring up pricing unless you ask.

Make your yard poop-free and enjoy the outdoors once again. Contact us now.https://wescoopdogpoop.org/#