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If you are looking for a reliable poop scoop service in the Snell Island area, then this may be the most valuable message you’ll ever read.

Let me explain.

My name is Steve Habib And I operator of a poop scoop service. Our company name is we scoop dog poop. We serve the Snell Island area and surrounding neighborhoods, including Allendale Terrace, Shore Acre Snell Island Venetian Island, Jungle Terrace, St Petersburg, Old Northeast, and Pinealls park areas. Our focus is on residential homes and small apartments.

You get the most thorough cleaning available in the Snell Island area.

Our Poop Scoop Service Snell Island



If you are not pleased with our poop scoop service for any reason, the visit is free. Additionally, we’ll pay you an extra $5 from our pocket. You can’t find a better guarantee in the industry. No other dog poop pickup service can offer Snell Island residents such a strong guarantee. Not only do we offer a powerful guarantee, but we are dog lovers at heart and concerned about our environment.

Click this link to learn more about the hidden danger of dog poop…….. https://wescoopdogpoop.org/dog-waste-facts/

We take our work seriously. You will be more than a client. We’ll treat you like family. We will work like a dog to find and remove all dog poop from your property. Equally important, your furry friends will get treated as if they were our own each time we see them. I have two rescues dogs of my own, and I love them to pieces.

As a rule, I’ll protect your dogs like they were my own. That means closing the gates behind me. Using caution while working with my tools. And contacting you if I notice something out of the ordinary.

A Few Poop Scooper Service Benefits


  • Dog owners enjoy a cleaner yard because dog poop is regularly picked up.
  • Save you time by relieving you of the unpleasant chore of pooper scooping
  • It helps those who are physically challenged and senior citizens.
  • Fewer arguments on whos turn to clean up the backyard of poop.
  • Reduces the chance of parasites being transmitted through dog waste.
  • It helps to maintain a green, healthy lawn.

I understand you are busy or just not interested in picking up your pet’s waste. That is where we help. We are a pooper scooper service In the St. Petersburg area. We’ll take care of your pets number two, so you can do more of what you like.

Please note: If your dog is aggressive or territorial in any way, shape, or form, we can not be around these types of dogs. If you have such a dog, you must be home when we do our poop scoop service.

Plus, we can even do it when you are not home. And keep in mind you are fully protected with our guarantee.

Request a quote here: https://wescoopdogpoop.org/#


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