Enjoy North Shore Park And Take In

The Scenic Beauty Of Tampa Bay

North Shore Dog Park

North shore dog park is a popular location to bring your furry friend. It has spectacular views for you will enjoy a

nd a comforting breeze coming from nearby Tampa Bay Additionally, there are beautiful areas beyond the park to walk your dog if you are so inclined. It has amenities to make your dog comfortable even in the scorching St. Petersburg heat.

North Shore dog park is fairly large. It has gravel, mulch, and grassy sections for your pooch to romp around in. Its spacious boundaries allow you to play fetch, a game of chase or allow your dog to run free to his heart’s desire.

Best of all, the entire park is gated, so your dog will have to be a real Houdini to escape should he slips out of your view. There is a separation in the park for small and large dogs. You don’t want your small dog getting run over by a Great Dane who wants to play.

And that’s not all.

North Shore Dog Park

Offers Several Amenities To Boost parks Popularity

It has several large trees providing adequate shade for dogs to catch a breather and cool down. Plus, it has water stations so your pet can get a drink and stay hydrated. Also included are water hoses so you can wash down your dog before leaving the park. After heavy rain, areas of the park become muddy, so being able to wash your dog before heading home is a big plus.

Park benches are scattered throughout the park. This can give you a break after chasing the dog. Check this out. This park even has a charging station for your phone, tablet, or laptop. While Fido is having fun, you can be doing work or surfing the web.

North Shore dog park is nearby generally well maintained by the city and visitors. Of course, they’re always a few bad apples in the barrel regardless of where you go. Anyway, bring bags, gloves, or a pooper scooper and pick it up after your pet. It is the right thing to do, and it is the law.

A five-minute walk from the gated park will take you to more additional parks and a beautiful walk along the water of Tampa Bay. You can spend hours walking along the seawall. You can often see manatees and dolphins playing around in the bay right off the seawall.

North Shore Dog Park In Northeast St. Petersburg

There are some rules you should follow while visiting dog parks.

  • Pick up your dog’s waste.
  • Stay within close view of your dog at all times. (Unless alone)
  • Have a leash and keep a collar on your dogs for safety.
  • Do not bring your aggressive dog to any park.
  • Be respectful to other owners and their dogs. (What you find acceptable someone else may not).
  • Please make sure your dog is up-to-date with all vaccines.

In a nutshell. North shore dog park is a beautiful and comfortable place to bring fido. The scenery is great, accommodation nice, and your dog may find a new friend or two there.


: Opens 30 minutes before sunrise and closes at 11 PM
901 N Shore Dr. NE, St. Petersburg, FL 33701

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