Kenwood Park In St. Petersburg

Is A Nice Dog Park To Visit


If your furry friend wants to get some exercise and you’d like to get outside for some fresh air, the Kenwood Dog Park is a wonderful place to go. This dog park is rather large. It’s about two acres give or take. This allows your dog to run freely and for long distances. If you are looking for a bit of space to get a sprint in or a small jog, both you and your dog will enjoy this dog park in St Petersburg.

Kenwood Dog Park

Pros And Cons Of Kenwood Dog Park

Cons: Some will say that it is loud and less than pictures. It is located under a few overpasses. There are pros and cons to this fact. If you are okay with cars zipping past from above, then go ahead and give it a try. I’ve been there, and, in my opinion, it’s not at all that noisy.

Pros: Living in Florida, you know it is going to be steamy hot. Anyway, the overpasses provide plenty of shade for your dog to lay down and take a break in the cool sand. As always, please don’t overdo it with your dog when the heat is soaring.

A nice thing about Kenwood dog park is it is broken up into two sections. One is for large dogs, while the other is for smaller dogs. This is a nice idea many of the locals enjoy and appreciated. For the small dogs, it can be intimidated and somewhat risky for a small dog to run around with the big boys. They could get accidentally hurt. In addition, if you are getting up there in years or physically challenged, the small dog section is a great option for you as well.

The Kenwood dog park is fully fenced in so so your fur friend is free to run around like a dog without you worrying about him getting loose. At the time of this writing, there is a spigot and hose so you can get your buddy some water and cool them down after a good play.

Dog Poop Removal

Dog waste removal is not provided. So, please bring your own supplies to pick up your dog’s poop. It is your responsibility. It is also the right thing to do. If no one picks up their dog poop while they’re at the park, it wouldn’t be long before you and your dog couldn’t go there without stepping into a poop landmine.

Hours: Everyday | 8 AM-6 PM

Location: 401 20th St N, St. Petersburg, FL 33713


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