Historic Old Northeast Dog Waste Removal


Historic Old Northeast Dog Waste Removal. Let’s face it. Picking up dog poop is not fun. Just think about it for a minute. What could be worse than picking up fresh piles of dog poop first thing in the morning? Or how about spending your day off popper scooping for an hour or two.

Have you ever thought there has got to be a better way to remove dog waste from your property; without getting your hands dirty or breaking a sweat in our scorching Florida heat?

If you are saying yes right now, then I have something important to share with you.Dog Waste Removal

My name is Steve Habib, and I am the owner of a pooper scooper service company. We scoop dog poop is our company name. Now, if you allow me to share some facts about dog waste, you may not be aware of it. Why? Because these bits of information are important for the safety of your family and our waterways.

Dogs waste and our waterways

Dog poop left lying on the ground is quite harmful to our waterways. Please make no mistake about it, and it hurts our water quality. Dog and other animal waste contain two types of pollutants. They are nutrients and pathogens. During rains or melted snow, these pollutants make their way into rivers, ponds, and streams.

Once there, it decomposes and releases its nutrients and pathogens into the waterways. In turn, it stimulates the growth of algae and unwanted weeds. The water then becomes murky, foul-smelling, and a greenish color. As a result, water activities, including swimming, boating, and fishing, are no longer acceptable fun activities.

Is pet waste harmful to humans?

Zoonoses is a term referring to disease spread from animal to human. When you or children come in contact with dog poop that has these parasites know that they can linger in the soil for years. Humans can unknowingly contact these parasites while gardening, playing with their dog, or walking barefoot with small cuts and open wounds your risk becoming infected with the parasites.

Some of the diseases that you contract are giardia, salmonella, tapeworms, hookworms, and roundworms. Higher It has been reported pregnant women are at risk of a zoo tonic disease. So, if you must pick up dog poop is best you wear a mask.

Dog poop is not a fertilizer.

Dog waste is not a useful used as compost or fertilizer as many believe. It is not good for lawns, gardens, or compost piles. If you leave dog poop on a manicured lawn, it begins to yellow and kill the grass. You see, dog waste is made up of mostly digested meat and other types of grains. Cow manure, on the other hand, is made primally from digested grass. Grass makes good compost. You probably heard mixing grass clippings, and dried leaves together make for good compost if you are into gardening. 

Historic Old Northeast Dog Waste Removal :

Our company focus is on historic Old Northeast Dog Waste Removal. We come to your home to locate, pick up, and remove dog poop landmines hidden and scattered around your property.

Why would we get involved in such a less than desirable business? The truth is I spent thirty years working for others. And honestly, I’ve had enough. And besides that, I love dogs. I have two rescue dogs of my own now.

They are the joy of my life. The thought of anything bad happing to them saddens me to the core. And since I’ve been picking up their waste for years, I decided to make a business of it. As a client of mine, your dogs get treated with a loving touch and kind heart just as they were my own. Meeting and seeing your furry friends each week is one of the nicest parts of doing this work. Make no mistake-Your dog safety is the top priority for us.

That means all gates when we leave. Not only that, you get notified if any escape routes are being dug up. We also inform you if we see stool showing signs of a health concern.

Benefits you’ll get from our pet waste removal service:

  • Free up time for the busy executive, entrepreneurs, or busy mothers
  • Gives you more playtime with your dogs and fun memories with family.
  • Frees up your time to improve your life with family, friends, and hobbies
  • Less work to do around the house so you can focus on activities that bring you joy and happiness.
  • Provide a feeling of independence to senior or the physically challenged
  • Reduce the risk of accidents being tracked into the home by children
  • Keep your family safer from the potential risk of dog waste parasites.
  • Maintain a perfectly manicured lawn by removing waste quickly
  • Protect waterways from harmful pollutants.

Owning dogs is a big responsibility. More goes into it than just food and water. You are responsible for their health and well-being. Beyond this is the responsibility of picking up and removing waste, so it doesn’t harm our waters or friends and family.

Now, if you’d rather hand over the job of picking up dog poop in your yard, I’m here to help.

We offer once weekly, bi-weekly and monthly plans to fit your needs. We can do our work even if you are not home.

Important Note:

If you have a dog showing any signs of aggression or territorial behavior, you must be home and keep your dog inside. Safety is a top priority of ours. I’m sure you understand.


Now, why would I give away my time and services for free? I believe some of you who use my service with return as paying clients and recommend my service to your friends and family. There is no obligation to this free offer or funny business. It’s just good business.

Right now, to sign up for this limited time offer, click the link here………..https://wescoopdogpoop.org/free-20-minutes-of-poop-scoop-service/

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