Finally Revealed Dog Waste Removal Prices

Dog waste removal prices: You’ll learn in this post how much it costs to hire and regularly use a pooper scooper service. You’ll discover how a company reaches a quote. Additionally, you learn how pricing is affected by the services requested. Let us dig in.

How Much Does Dog Waste Removal Costs?

The cost for dog poop pick-up services will vary from company to company, and some companies will charge more for the same basic service. When receiving quotes, gas, the distance to travel, the depth of work needed, employee wages, and other factors come into play.

So, an average fee will fall from $12 to $20. Now understand this. These costs are per visit. If you want two trips per week, expect the price to roughly double. Do you have two, three, or four dogs? If so, the cost to increase as well. Some companies include free removal of the waste, while other charges you for this service. So, in a nutshell, it depends.

One-time cleanups required

If you have fallen behind (3 weeks or more) in picking up poop from your backyard, a one-time cleaning may be required. Look, the average dog poops twice a day, and over a week, that’s fourteen poop landmines you would need to pick up.

During three weeks, you are looking at about forty-two poop piles. That’s a lot of work and effort, not to mention the bags to haul away to dispose of, probably. The service cost for such a service is high, and the investment falls between $39-$89 roughly.

Yard Size And dog waste removal prices

A small bare yard with grass is not going to cost you much per visit. Look at it this way. A yard that has a lot of flower beds, mulched areas, or gravel requires more effort.

The more work, a service provider, has to perform to get your yard clean, the more it will cost. So if your yard has a lot of obstacles in your yard, you may need to pay more, and the cost may not be much more than a small, easy-to-clean yard.

Additional add-on service or all-in-one costs.

Here is where dog poop pick-up services make the bulk of their money. They do it with add-on services. Most companies will attract you with a low price, and once in your home, they try to sell you additional assistance.

The common upsells available to pet owners included more frequent visits, deodorizing, enzyme treatments for your lawn, cleaning off decks and walks, and more. I want to point out premium services are available, which do everything for one price. Added-on services are entirely under your control, and you can add some or not, and it’s your call.

Conclusion: Hopefully, you get the picture of how a company price their services. Keep in mind; each company decides how much they want for their services. By using a dog poop removal service, you’ll be helping the environment. Slowing or stopping the spread of disease and keeping your dog and family safe.

P.S. Do you think dog waste will be a pollution problem in 2021? What steps, if any are you taking to reduce your carbon footprint? Let us know in the comments.

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