Dog Waste Removal St Petersburg Area

Dog Waste Removal

I don’t know you yet, but I’d be willing to bet the chore of dog waste removal is not the most exciting part of your day. Yeah, I get it. You love your furry friend but not the constant cleaning up after them. It doesn’t have to be that way anymore. We scoop dog poop is here to make your life easier and eliminate one of your most dreaded chores. We are a St Petersburg area dog waste removal company specializing in residential homes.

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Dog Poop Is Not a fertilizer

It is estimated approximately 40% of dog owners do not pick up after their dogs. So what do you say? If you fall into this group, consider these dog poop facts. There are consequences for not picking up poop left behind by your dog. Dog poop is not a fertilizer. Unlike cow manure which is made up mainly of digest grass. Dog waste is mostly from meat by proteins. As a result of their diet, poop is high in nitrogen which yellows lawns. Regular picking up after your dog keeps damage to your lawn.

Dog waste makes its way into Ponds Lakes and waterway

If we do not pick up dog waste quickly, it makes its way into our storm drains when it rains or snow melts up North. The washing away process allows feces to make its way into ponds, lakes, and waterways. This, in turn, breaks down and releases micro-nutrients which causes algae in these bodies of water.

The water then becomes cloudy, green, and foul-smelling. This can affect fish, turtles, and other animals as well as those who feed on them. It also puts on a damper for swimming, boating, and other fun water activities.

Learn more about the hidden danger of dog waste, click here

St Petersburg Area Dog Waste Removal Service

My name is Steve Habib. I operate a pet waste removal company. The name of our company is We Scoop Dog Poop. Our dog waste service includes Allendale Terrace, Shore Acres, Jungle Terrace, Snell Island, Venetian Island, Jungle Terrace, to name a few. Our guarantee is the strongest in the industry. Here it is:

We Scoop Dog Poop Guarantee

If you are unhappy with our work for any reason, you don’t pay for the service visit. Additionally, we’ll pay you an extra $5 from our pocket. No other pooper scooper offers such a powerful guarantee.

Our company specializes in pet waste removal for residential homes in St Petersburg areas. At our core, we are dog lovers and are environmentally concerned about the amount of waste left behind, finding its way into ponds and lakes.

A Dirty Job But Serious Work

We take our work seriously. We like to think of every client as a family. While at your property, we use a unique searching pattern to locate and remove all dog poop from your backyard and property. Equally important is we treat your dog with a gentle touch and loving hand. I like to offer a treat to your dog if you tell us it’s okay.

Listen, I own two rescue dogs of my own and have owned dogs for as long as I can remember. My dogs are my babies. I love to pieces. One of the joys of doing this line of work is getting to meet and greet my clients’ dogs. I will even play with your dog for a few minutes time-permitting.

Reasons why you want to use our pet waste removal service

  • Say goodbye to a poopy backyard so you can walk freely and have guests over without embarrassment.
  • Enjoy more time with family and playtime for your dogs.
  • It saves you time and hassle of cleaning up after your dog poops
  • An easy way to eliminate the unpleasant part of having a furry friend
  • Freedom to do what you enjoy most by reducing your chores workload.
  • Helps the ill and elderly from the physical work of popper scooping
  • A cleaner home by reducing poopy foot traffic accidents.
  • Slash the risks of parasites being transmitted to families and pets through waste.
  • Maintain a healthy green lawn. Dog poop is not good fertilizer for any plant life.
  • Free up time for the busy executive, business owner, or busy mothers

Dog owners’ responsibilities go beyond food and water and health care. It is now the law to clean up after your dog does its business. If you are disgusted by the thought of it—let our Pinealls park pooper scooper service do it for you.

We can even do it when you are not home. (Important Note) for our safety, we can not and will NOT work dogs that show any signs of aggression. Once we arrive at your home, we will put in our best effort to find and remove every pile of poop we can find and remove it from your property.

St. Petersburg Area Dog Waste Services

One visit per week

Once every other week

Two Visits per week

Monthly cleanup

One-Time Special Occasion cleanup


For $18 per visit/week/1 dog, we can help keep your yard poop-free. For more complete costs, click here