Dog Poop Scooper Service For Disston Heights Area


If you love your dogs but are disgusted with the thought of picking up their poop, then this message is for you. You may or may not know dog waste has become a serious problem for all of us, dog owners.

That’s not all… Dog poop is a growing concern for all people, the environment, and waterways.

Let me explain.

Dog poop contains many bacteria and parasites. These tiny Villians pose a health risk for people and pets. Illness contracted from these parasites includes roundworms and hookworms. According to the CDC…Approxentally 14% of America tested positive for roundworms.

Dog Waste And Waterways:

If you do not pick up after your dog does his # 2 business, it becomes pollution to lakes, rivers, and creeks throughout the country.

Here’s how. Dog waste contains two harmful ingredients to waterways, including nitrogen and phosphorus, which have been shown to deplete oxygen in the water.

As you may know, Oxygen is needed to survive most living things, including frogs, fish, and other water life.

Additionally, a rise in oxygen stimulates the growth of algae. Increased algae lead to waters becoming murky, sticky, and unpleasant to be near or in.

At times it becomes bad enough to stay clear of your favorite fishing hole or swimming spot.

Dog Waste Is Classified As A Pollutant

The EPA has identified dog poop as a nonpoint source pollutant. This is in the same class of pollutants as motor vehicle chemicals, herbicides, and insecticides, as well as abandoned mines.

Put, leaving dog waste on the ground is a bad thing. Not only does it harm the environment, but it isn’t pleasant for your property. It takes away the joy of walking around outside because you are constantly dodging poop landmines.

And how many times in your lifetime have your shoes gotten dirty, stained, or had to be thrown away because of an unseen “step in it” accident. If you have children, you know how quickly a clean home becomes stinky and dirty because of these accidents.

Look, it doesn’t have to be this way anymore.

Your yard can stay cleaner and safer for pets, the environment, and loved ones.

We Scoop Dog Poop

A Dog Poop Scooper Service

This home service saves you time, keeps your yard clean and odor-free, gives you back to your backyard to enjoy.

How nice will it be to end this disgusting chore once and for all?

I am Steve Habib. And I operate and own a pet waste removal company here in St. Petersburg. The name of my company is We Scoop Dog Poop. We come to your home, scan your yard for landmines, and remove them from your property.

Our service may not be for you.

Look, we are new to the pet waste industry, which means we don’t have years of experience under our belt. But if you think about it, do you need years to learn how to find and remove a dog’s number two?

No, you don’t.

Also, we don’t have a fleet of new trucks or new uniforms. Besides, these extras don’t guarantee you a clean yard.

So, if you can live with these shortcomings, maybe we can work together.

The most powerful Unusual Guaranteed in the industry

If we fall short of your expectation, let us know. You will not be charged for the visit. In addition, I mail you $5 from my pocket as a way of saying “sorry” for disappointing you. What do you think about that?

Pretty fair.

My Dog Poop Scooper Service Taken Seriously

As a client of ours, we give you the best possible service we are capable of. Plus, I love dogs. Right now, I have two rescue dogs at home. Buddy and Nel Nel. One is a 13-year-old mutt. And the other is a Yorkie. They add so much laughter and happing to our daily lives.

Your dogs get the same love and attention as if they were my own dogs. We give them a loving touch and gentle hand each time we meet them. We always lock gates or fences when we leave. Plus, we inspect your property for any attempted escape routes under fences.

Plus, if we notice any stools appearing loose, bloody, or just unhealthy looking, I’ll let you know. I’ll take a photo and text it to you. If at all possible, I’ll do a quick fix until you can correct it.

And don’t be surprised if you find me giving free belly rubs or playing a game of fetch while at your home. Our Dog, Poop Scooper Service is intended to make your life easier, keep your home cleaner, and make your backyard a place where guests love to visit.

The responsibilities of dog ownership reach far beyond food and water. They need medical, exercise, and social interaction, and they also need a clean place for them to run and do their business. As you may or may not know, picking up after your dog is a law.

And that is where I come in. We can pick up and provide a dog waste removal service for your St.Petersburg area home. You get different options, including once weekly, twice weekly, or monthly services to best serve you and meet your budget.

Contact us today for a free quote………….