Dog Poop Pick Up North East Park

Dog Poop Pick Up North East Park: Not too many residents know a service will pick up and remove dog waste from your property.

These service technicians can service your property a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly time intervals.

In this post, we will discuss the benefits you gain from using such a service.

Getting Started In Dog Poop Pick Up

Let me introduce myself. My name is Steve Habib, and I live here in St. Peterburg.

I am the owner and operator of We Scoop Dog Poop.

I have always loved dogs.

I’ve had dogs my whole life, and I’ve owned five dogs to date.

As you can imagine, I’ve picked up my share of poop left behind by my dogs.

Dog Poop Pick UpOne day not too long ago, I was scooping up poop from my yard when a neighbor asked what I was doing.

I explained I was scooping up poop.

He laughed at me, and then he asked if he could pay me to scoop up his poop-littered yard.

I said, sure, why not.

Less than an hour later and $20 in the pocket, I got the idea.

So I searched Google and was amazed to discover a growing demand for this service.

So, I dived in headfirst and started this pooper scooping service.


5 Hidden Dangers Found In Dog Poop

  • Dog Poop is not a good fertilizer and causes more harm than good. It is often high in nitrogen, which is known to cause the burning of lawns and taint harvested vegetables and herbs.

  • Dog waste left on the ground becomes a critical factor in feces-contaminated waters. Additionally, it is harmful to aquatic life and wildlife.

  • Dog feces attract insects, rats, and other rodents. As a result, stray cats and snakes may be drawn to your yard to feed on these unwanted pests.

  • Up to 20% of bacteria found in ponds, lakes, and streams come from dogs waste.

  • Dog feces are considered zoonotic, and Zoonotic means diseases transferred from animal to people. The most common ones include E. Coli, Salmonellosis, Roundworms, Tapeworms, and more.

As you can see, dog poop is not only an eyesore, but it is unhealthy for people and the environment.

Maybe you are on the fence about hiring a pooper scooper service.

So, let us look at some common reasons why you may want to use this service.

8 Reason Why To Use A Dog Poop Pick Up Service

  • (Time saved). Enjoy more time with friends, family, or enjoy your life. We’ll take care of this unpleasant chore.
  • (No effort needed). Let us do the heavy lifting, get dirty, and make your life easier.
  • (Dog Safety). We Close gates when finished keeping your dog safe from escape. Plus, we’ll send you photo proof before we drive off.
  • (Affordable service plans). You can choose how often we service your yard, so you are always in control of your budget.
  • (Long hours away from your home). Come back home to a fresh-smelling home after a long day out. We can clean your yard while you are working, even when you are on vacation.
  • (Service your property when home) If you want to be home when we clean up your yard, that’s fine. We’ll work you into our schedule to meet your needs.
  • (End the feeling of disgust) We understand you may get a little sick in your stomach thinking about picking up poop. We can end the “get sick to the stomach” feeling you get when thinking about picking up poop.
  • (End family arguments) If you are arguing with other family members about who’s turn, we can create a peaceful home once and for all.

dog poop pick up

How Often To Use A Pooper Scooper Service

It depends on your situation. For example, one time a week should be fine if you have one dog and a modest-sized yard.

Now, if you have three dogs, you may want to have us visit twice a week.

The more often the visits, the less chance there will be a build-up of poop piles.

Besides that, allowing pet waste to lay around contributes to water pollution and the attraction of insects and animals.

Ultimately, you get to decide how frequently we visit.

Options are available once or twice a week. Or maybe one visit every two weeks will work for you.

100% Plus $5.00 Money Back Guarantee

Here it is. If you are unhappy for any reason, just let us know. There will be no charge for the service.

On top of that, we will mail you a check for $5.00. You can’t get a better guarantee anywhere else.

If you are interested in our pooper scooper services, contact us through the form below. We will contact you once we receive your information and set up a free quote meet and greet.