Dog eating poop /Coprophagia in Dogs

Dog eating poop: Coprophagia in dogs is defined as the practice of ingesting excrement or eating stools/feces.

The sight of a dog eating poop of its own or another canine’s stool, followed by the dog strolling up to the owner with its tail wagging, seeking a kiss and some sweet words, is disgusting to any dog owner.

An owner might raise the question, “Why on earth would dogs do such a terrible thing?” What on earth is it about this behavior that attracts people to it?

We may never know for sure, but we have a good idea of what causes the behavior to begin and make educated guesses about how and why it persists.

Why Dogs Eat Their Own Poop

In certain circumstances, canine coprophagia is not considered to be abnormal behavior. Bitches naturally swallow the feces of their pups, apparently in order to keep the nest clean.

This action has a survival benefit in that it prevents unsanitary conditions from forming in the nest, which could otherwise result in disease spreading among the occupants.

Nursing bitches are compelled to consume their pups’ feces because of the biological need to eat feces, which has been imprinted as a survival instinct.

In addition, many pups go through an oral period during which they explore everything with their tongues, consuming a range of non-food substances, including feces, and developing a taste for them.

As time passes, the vast majority of pups come to realize that food tastes far superior to feces and vow to abstain from stool-eating for the remainder of their lives.

The practice of eating feces may persist for a few months in some older puppies, but most of them stop doing so within the first year.

Without exception, the vast majority of “normal” adult dogs show absolutely no interest in consuming excrement of any kind.

When Coprophagia Becomes a Serious Issue

Puppy’s whose behaviors are quickly entrenched may continue to participate in coprophagia well beyond the acknowledged “average,” and they may even go to extremes in order to maintain their habits.

Dogs eating poop committed to their behavior will continue to do so long after their peers have discovered new interests. Dogs like this one, who appear to be addicted to the behavior, are best described as “compulsive” in nature.

The following is a list of possible contributing elements, while it is likely that more than one is at work in any given situation.

  • The ability to witness the dam consuming its stools
  • Puppy food with high protein content and low residue.
  • Unpredictable feeding schedules
  • Inadequate amounts of food are being served.
  • An atmosphere that is not sufficiently exciting
  • Constant opportunity to consume excrement
  • Inadequate supervision and attention


It is unclear if dog-eating poop is caused by nature or other factors. But it is a bothersome habit dog owners have been forced to put up with for a long time.

There are various varieties of coprophagy. Regardless, which forms it takes, the underlying urges are likely to be the same or quite similar.

The following are some variations on the theme:

  • Dogs who are mainly interested in their feces
  • Canines who eat the feces of other dogs exclusively
  • Four-legged friends only eat feces if it is frozen or solid during the winter.

Remember! None of those mentioned above stools is suitable for canines in any condition.

Dogs Eating Poop Home Remedy

Several “home” cures have been tried in the past.

Here are a few examples:

  • When feeding your dog, use commercially available pancreatic enzyme preparation in the home meal diet.
  • Incorporating crushed breath mints into a dog’s diet
  • Using Tabasco sauce may also be helpful

The following tactics have proven to be more effective. However, results differ from one person to another:

Picking up all the available stools (i.e., denying access)

Enthusiastically accompanying the dog into a “picked up” area and walking him back into the home quickly after he has successfully passed a bowel movement and before he has a chance to explore the results of his work

Some dogs attempt to evade their owner’s control by eating the stool as it emerges, and for these stubborn few, a muzzle may be required.

Altering the dog’s diet and feeding schedule so that high-fiber diets are offered regularly and, if possible, at the dog’s discretion.

Teach your dog LEAVE IT command.


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  1. Hello there! Thank you for sharing such an informative article. It happens sometimes your dog eats its own poop. We can stop it by using some habits like picking up all the available stools, teaching your dog the “LEAVE IT” command, and more. It is very helpful.

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