Do dogs see in colors?

When dogs look at you with those cute soulful eyes, you can’t resist but wonder how they can perceive the world with those eyes?

Most dog owners ask these questions what colors do dogs see best?

So they can make good choices while buying toys and accessories for their dogs according to the colors dogs see best.

Even though dogs’ primary and sharp senses are hearing and smell, but vision also plays an important role in their life.

In this article, we are going to discuss which colors are striking to dogs and some other interesting facts and questions about dog vision.

 Do dogs see in color?

Humans and dogs see colors differently. Dogs have a dichromatic vision so they cannot see all the colors we can.

The colors dogs can easily distinguish between are blue and yellow.

Dogs find it difficult to distinguish between red, green, and purple.

Dichromatic vision

Dichromatic vision limitation means that dogs are similar to red-green color-blind humans.

They are unable to see red and green colors that well and they can only distinguish between yellow and blue. The same is the case with dogs.

The knowledge about color distinction helps the owners to have a better idea about what colors dogs gravitate towards especially when they have to train them.

They will respond to the colors that are attractive to them more and it will motivate them.

5 Hues Dogs See In Color

Due to their dichromatic vision dogs perceive colors differently. Here we are going to describe normal colors and how dogs perceive them

  1. Red as grey or black or brownish                                                                                                                                                              Bulldog

  2. Orange as mustard

  3. Yellow as a dark yellow

  4. Purple as blue

  5. Green as yellow or mustard

Eye Rods And Cones

In the eyes, the light receptors are rods and cones.

Cones help to distinguish between different colors, while rods help in the movement sensitivity, shapes, and low light.

Human eyes have more cones than dogs. That’s why humans can perceive more colors than dogs can.

On the other hand, the number of rods is high in dogs and that’s why they are better at picking out shapes in dark.

This means humans and dogs perceive the happenings around them differently.

They focus on the things that are important to them and as perceived by their eyes better.

The author of ”being a dog” Alexandra Horowitz describes that we cannot know for sure what colors dogs see but they perceive colors that we see at dusk or dawn.

Do Dogs See In Color When It’s Dark?

Dogs can be better at perceiving image shapes in dim light but they cannot see in total darkness.

So they do not have night vision but they certainly can see more than humans in dark.

This is because of the tapetum lucidum which helps dogs to perceive most of the light.

Also, they can see in dim light better because of their history as crepuscular hunters.                                                                                       

Can Dogs Be Color -Blind Like Humans?

Many people think that dogs are color blind but this is not the case. Dogs have only two color receptors in their eyes but that does not mean they are color blind. They can see colors but differently than humans.

Color blindness in humans means one of the receptors is dysfunctional but in dogs, nature only gave them two receptors, so it is not considered color blindness. You may say dogs are color blind in the sense of the human world.

How To Improve Your Dogs Vision

Maintaining the dog’s eye vision is important because it gets weak with the increasing age. As dogs get older they can develop cloudiness in their eyes and they can also suffer from different eye diseases like conjunctivitis or corneal ulceration.

Certain foods that include beta carotene, which strengthens the dog’s vision, are recommended for the better eye health of dogs. Few of which are stated below:








If you suspect that there is some problem with the vision of your dog or their eyesight is deteriorating then you should consult a vet specialist.

Dogs Eyes

Dog Toys And Your Dogs Color Perception

As there are limited colors that dogs can see best which include bright yellow and blue colors.

You should buy toys according to the colors that are appealing to dogs’ color vision, especially when you are using those toys in training them.

You may find red color appealing to your eyes but your dog may not like it, so you should buy toys according to what looks more attractive to them.

And of course, the answer is bright yellow and blue color toys.

Choosing red or other colors does not make you a bad parent but your dog might have difficulty recognizing a red ball or a Frisbee against a green background in a lawn or park.

Facts About A Dogs Vision

  • Canines have rod-dominated retinas so they have superior night visions.
  • Dogs have better motion visibility than humans because of the fewer cones.
  • Our furry friends are nearsighted means what they can see at 20 feet is similar to what human sees at 60 feet.
  • Dogs have excellent peripheral vision because of their position of eyes and nose.
  • Dogs have a third eyelid called the nictitating membrane that protects their eyes and it moves with any sensitive reflex.
  • The tapetum lucidum (tissue layer) creates shine in the dog’s eyes.
  • The blue color in huskies and other dogs is just an optical illusion.
  • According to recent studies, a dog can also see in ultraviolet light.

Do Dogs See In Color Conclusion:

It appears that dogs’ reality is different from human reality when it comes to the colors we see. The reason behind it is that dogs have two color receptors in their retinas, unlike humans.

So, the colors dogs see best are at different color spectrum than humans and they see the shades of grey, blue, and yellow better and clear.

Dogs perceive colors as a red-green color blind person does.

Lastly, if you are wondering what colors do dogs see best, then the answer is yellow and blue. We hope this article will help you make the right choices for your pooch during toys and clothes selection.

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