About Us: Why I Started Business

About us: Have you ever thought about hiring a dog poop removal service to clean up your dog’s waste from the backyard?

If so, perhaps you should read the rest of this message.

Here’s why.

A new service in Pinellas county will come to your home, pick up your dog’s waste, bag it, and toss it in the trash.

The result.

A clean lawn where your whole family can finally enjoy. Just imagine being outdoors without worrying about stepping in a poop landmine and tracking it into the house. Or having guests dirty up their shoes and ruin their day.

Plus, this incredible service frees up your time to enjoy what interests you most. Playing with kids, going to the park, or just sitting home watching Netflix.

And, if you have a physical challenge, are a busy entrepreneur, or are just disgusted at the thought of picking up poop, this pooper scooper service is for you.

After years of cleaning up after my own dogs , I created this service. Why? Because neighbors began showing interest in my service.

That’s when this business was born. And until recently, this service was not available to homeowners, dog parks, or commercial properties. If you live in Allendale Terrace, jungle terrace, Shore Acres, Snell island, Venetian Isles, Old northeast, North St. Petersburg, or Pinellas Park, Our dog waste removal services are available to you.


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